A documentary series which will digitally reconstruct a number of key battles fought by Anzac troops during the First World War.

The goal of this project is to produce a proof of concept video which demonstrates what the series will look like.

Creating a documentary series is an enormous task that requires a dedicated team with major industry backing. One of the best ways to grab the attention of the broadcast industry and get the series financed, is through a proof of concept video. A proof of concept video will demonstrate a small sample of the final product. It shows potential investors exactly what it is they are investing in and demonstrates that the team involved are capable of realising a creative vision.

Creating this proof of concept is the next step toward getting the backing required to produce a full 8 part documentary series.

This video will cover elements of two separate events which unfolded on the day of the Gallipoli landings in 1915.

The first is the ill fated landing of part of the 7th Battalion just north of Anzac Cove. 140 men, packed tightly into 4 row boats were met with fierce resistance from the Turkish defenders and only 40 made it ashore alive. We will follow them as they row unwittingly into their own tragic chapter of history and we’ll cover the deeds of their comrades who tried desperately to avoid the tragedy.

The second event will be the furthest advance inland made by any Anzac troops. Small pockets of men from the 10th Battalion, advancing on their own initiative, pushed to a place that came to be known as Scrubby Knoll. We will follow them and observe the reckless courage behind such deeds.

Your pledge will help to pay for the following:

– 3D and visual effects artists to help create the digital assets which will be used in this production
– Motion capture services to help with animating the characters
– Voice actors to give the characters personality
– Sound engineering to recreate the sounds of a battlefield from the frantic footfall of issued boots across the ground to the shrieking of incoming artillery
– Render farm hire to do all the digital grunt work needed for producing the final polished work, one frame at a time.

With your help, these incredible stories of human endurance, mateship and sacrifice will be taken from the pages of history and put on the screen in stunning detail.

For more information about the series, which is intended to be made based on the strength of this proof of concept, go to