This time two years ago I wrote a post about the experiences of the 3rd Battalion AIF on board the Euripides, as it sailed from Sydney to Egypt via Western Australia.

Two days ago I received in the mail a very rare item which is related to this historic voyage. I have been unable to locate any information anywhere about this item. It would appear that even the Australian War Memorial may not have one of these in their collection.

It is a small pamphlet titled Australian Imperial Expeditionary Force – List of Transports – Conveying the First Contingent to Leave Australia – 1914 which lists all of the Troopships (separated into four divisions: Division No. I; Division No. II; Division No. III; and New Zealanders) and their escort warships.


Whilst it would appear that this pamphlet may not have belonged to a soldier of the 3rd Battalion AIF, it does appear that these may have been handed out to those who were on the voyage upon their arrival in Egypt. The reasoning behind this thinking is the markings on the third and fourth pages of the pamphlet.

There is a small “X” (written in pencil) alongside the vessel named [HMAT] Omrah in the division III group and there is a personalised message written on the back Egypt Alexandria Dec 10th 1914 ___ ___, with the last two words proving difficult to decipher.

If anyone has any thought’s as to what the last two words might be I’d love to hear from you so please leave a comment below.