Eric Wren
Randwick to Hargicourt
pp. 84-87

The next day [19 May 1915] everybody was amazed to see a flag appear – white with red crescent – out in the Turks’ trenches. Three Turks climbed out and approached the Australian line slowly but determinedly carrying this flag. A party from our side carrying a red cross flag almost immediately advanced to meet the strangers, when the Turks expressed a wish to bury their dead.

The order “cease fire” was passed along the line, and the Turkish stretcher-bearers began to collect their wounded. However, the Australians’ suspicions being aroused, they were fired upon. Again came orders to “cease fire”, and the enemy came out again. The orders now were not to resume hostilities until 7 p.m. unless precipitated by the enemy. The watching Australians noticed that some of the Turks not bothering about the wounded were collecting rifles and ammunition. This action was quickly checked by firing shots over the heads of every Turk who touched a rifle or ammunition.