The Australian War Graves Photographic Archive began in 2000, and is committed to procuring a digital photograph of every Australian War Grave and Memorial Commemoration; worldwide. This commitment stems from a labour of respect dedicated to the supreme sacrifice made by our Australian military personnel. It is through this that we are committed to seeing this non-profit project to its completion.

Most Australians are aware of the service participation of our Armed forces; past and present, but many, especially those from more recent generations may be surprised by the extent of that service. The fact that more than 102,000 Australian military personnel are commemorated in 83 countries throughout the world is testament to this. This number will continue to rise, as long as Australians serve in conflicts around the world.

The photographs procured throughout this project are being used to populate the searchable database. It will be accessible to all Australians and will attempt to continue and extend the awareness of the ‘ANZAC’ spirit.

The formation of this web site should be seen as an attempt to increase the accessibility of information and images related to Australian war graves and memorials, many from places deemed quite inaccessible. Every Australian will be able to access the web site, locate an individual war grave or commemoration via the search engine, and peruse information pertaining to that war casualty and obtain a copy for posterity (if required).

The project has employed many hundreds of willing volunteers, including students, current and past military personnel (including Cadets), Historical and Genealogical Societies and Associations, schools and youth groups, Social Clubs, Australian individuals, international communities and travellers.

The AWGPA is a totally non-profit endeavour, and any funding, contributions or assistance of a financial or in kind nature is utilised in a manner befitting the memory of our brave forebears. In the lead up to the ‘Centenary of Anzac’ and the many other significant military anniversaries, we are proud to now have this important resource.