continued from Part 5…..

It is with this post that we recognise the remaining names of those men of the 3rd Battalion who were killed in Belgium and have no known burial location. The absence of solid or corroborating evidence as to their location means that the research into these men finishes here for the moment in the hope that sometime in the future more information is discovered.

Their names were:

5034 BELL, George Francis
6236 BUSHBY, Arthur Harrison
6404 CHARTERS, Frank
4439 CHRISTENSEN, Frederick
5993 CLARKE, Evelyn Clarence
6967 COCHRAN, Alfred Joseph Edward
6878 CULLEN, Leo Lawrence
4024 DRISCOL, James Pearce
2626 FROST, John Herbert
1565 ISON, John Bathurst
1781 JARRETT, Tomas James
3814 JONES, Alfred
4507 LARAGHY, John Franklin
7025 LIVERMORE, Walter
97     MARSTON, Jack
7048 O’LOUGHLEN, Patrick Joseph
5152 PAGE, Harry
2369 PECK, Frank Archibald
2414 PARKER, Charles Samuel
2699 WATERS, Oliver Clive
7089 WELDON, John
6144 WEST, Harold John
7082 WILES, Nathaniel John
4585 WOODS, Louis
4577 WORLEY, Robert
1107 WRENCH, William Garrick

Lest We Forget