The ‘Fog of War’ usually describes the limit of the vision of the commanders and soldiers of armies. However, it also can apply to the witness statements and personal experiences of soldiers especially when combined with the tyranny of time.

As highlighted in my first blog entry, sometimes seemily unrelated occurances and circumstances can now fit together like a puzzle to provide a clearer picture of events of the past.

The connections that can be made now thanks to the ever increasing amounts of Open Source Information (OSI), help to lift or otherwise eliminate, the residual effects of this Fog of War.

The OSI sources used for this research project include:

  1. The offical 3rd Battalion history ‘Randwick to Hargicourt’ written by Eric Wren
  2. Red Cross Files (electronic) as provided on The Australian War Memorial website (
  3. Australia War Memorial record as identified using ‘Search for a Person’ (
  4. World War I – Service Records as provided on the National Archives of Australia website (
  5. Google Maps (
  6. various online sources as idenified using Google (quoted as neccessary)

My next posts will now start to show the connections that can be made when data from all, or some, of these sources are combined and the conclusions that can be reached through their use.